Toscana Gourmet:

tradition in the world

Toscana Gourmet has its roots in 1957. Born in the womb of a creative and unforgettable Italy, we have always been recognized for the pursuit of taste and passion for beauty, distinguishing ourselves from those who have always chased quantity at the expense of excellence. For more than sixty years, goodness for us has meant care and dedication: this is how our products are born.

Healthy & Nutritious

Having achieved the quality standards that we have always sought, since 2005, made us looking for a new, great challenge: share the best with the world. This is how Buoni Dentro, Toscanibus and F.lli Ruspanti started to cross the seas and the lands, flew over the skies, conquering the tables of all over the world.

Today we dialogue with shops and web export to every nation, with a predominance in the European market.

Conquering the IFS CUD and IFL standard certifications for us was the recognition of a journey towards Italian taste and goodness, undertaken more than sixty years ago, and which is still renewed every day.

Amaze your customers with the taste of Italian tradition.

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